FGBF Signing Out (“,) | X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods

Today marks www.findgoodBaguiofoods.com‘s 10th year. ^^,

(That’s including the two years of COVID pandemic which I said I wouldn’t count since “I didn’t use” these years, all that while focusing mainly on posts of lockdown/house arrest eats and eatsploring via delivery on this blog’s Facebook page. =] )

10 years … With almost 500 blogposts, possibly thousands of photos in my archive of a myriad of dishes that my foodie lovies and I enjoyed at different restos, some that have come and already gone; I think the time has come to give this online diary hobby of mine a rest and go back to eating “in private” (I’ll still be talking photos of food to remember them by because you know. *hee Memory gap. =b) and food tripping “in peace” [Considering all the work that goes into composing a feature post. Gosh, the photo editors that have expired on me in just this timespan, the hours that passed me by making a writeup (Which is all right really, especially when I wasn’t occupied with work. Remember what they say about idle minds.), internet provider switches, etc.]

Baguio X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods 2012-2022

I, X, am retiring X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods since I’ve found a great many treasures in these 10 years. (Delectable delights for the tastebuds, fabulous memories, and best of all: Friends. =) )

I would like to THANK YOU, dear readers and followers, for accompanying me on this food quest albeit belatedly and virtually (Only when I get the post up. =D ) on your end.

I know I’m leaving you in the more than capable hands of the numerous bloggers and vloggers in this technological day and age. *hihi


Farewell ahoy, mateys! (“,) Stay safe, warm, and dry!


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