Intermission: New WordPress Editor Format

Here I am thinking this is the day that I’ll try to get back on the blog post writing horse …

Baguio Xine desktop 2021

(Really try hard since so far there are so many amusing things to see and do and post composing does take a lot of time and I’m still not up for it. =b) by writing a short post, a photo blog post at least about an entirely different Quarantine Surprise experience I had last February and at sign on at WordPress, everything, as in everything looks so different. (I have the same Scream expression on my face now as with the otter photo on my screen.)

In my last posts, I still had the option to turn it back to the old interface but now, I’m playing hide and seek with that button if there even is such a button. (The Classic button under the Blocks section in the photo doesn’t do what I was expecting it to do, grr.) What was wrong with having all the buttons you need just at the top, that don’t disappear when you don’t hover over them? Also, don’t you just hate it when interfaces shift to cutesy buttons for actions? I would still like to read please and be sure that what I’m clicking on is exactly the action I wanted to do. I can’t for the life of me understand why sites insist on fixing something that ain’t broken under the guise of making something more seamless when the resulting product really isn’t. I really am fine with the way it was even if they say, they say that the old system requires more clicks or whatever.

Baguio WordPress Editor new interface 2021
What the hell is this?!? =))

[Apparently, I’m still seething about Windows 10, too. *tahaha That’s the newest OS I got on my PC now and it’s been months but it’s still annoying the heck out of me, doing stuff in the background which I didn’t even ask, updating ek ek alllll the time and it’s making my processes slow. Biggest peeve of all is that I can’t customize themes. Sure, there are themes on Windows 10 but it doesn’t allow you to personalize a ton of stuff … and boy, do I like to customize. =) Active title bar font, color, window border; menu color and size; and most important: Window color. I even have the RGB color codes listed out so just in case my PC at work before is reformatted, I can quickly get back to my old settings because if not, I feel sort of paralyzed and can’t work because something changed.

(That’s the specific shade of green I want for window color in the Notepad on the first photo of this post. Finally got to set it on Windows 10 after so much unnecessary reasearch how to tinker with that and even then, it doesn’t keep it on Word. I like my “papers” green; I think it’s easier on my eyes. =D) (Note how the Untitled is written on the Notepad there, the File, Edit, and so on. Sooooo boring no?)

Baguio Xine desktop 2010
My desktop at its busiest look in 2010, when I just had to use every widget (Was that how that was called, the dock above for My Documents, etc.? It was so long ago, I’m not sure of the name now.) design available. =b

There’s my photo editing app changes as well. When they moved from Flash, a number of options were nixed. *sob sob sob And FB keeps changing looks and settings around. *rolling my eyes]

I am trying to keep up with the updates but I adapt too slowly. It has a lot to do with the thought that it’s an unnecessary change mostly. How did it get better when it became a button that hides away from the screen just because I’m not using it when it’s so small, its constant presence isn’t a bother at all? I guess I’ll be one of the first people to go when big changes happen the world over. When it’s time to evolve, the world will go Darwin says bye bye on me. *hee

This ‘comeback’ post turned Intermission post will then be a test post on how this article written under new WordPress settings comes out. ^^, I still have to find where my regular buttons are.

Foodievent at home courtesy of Pizza Intelli. Cowabunga, instant pizza partey! \m/

So hello, hello to you, dear reader. I hope the months that passed by so quickly have treated you nicely and that everything is going swimmingly with you all. Till I figure this all out, happy eatsplorations and STAY SAFE please. (“,)

Reminder to stick to COVID prevention protocols: Wear your facemask and face shield (FS especially indoors because that’s when physical distancing is a bit of a challenge and where the air is not circulating well, okay?) properly, don’t crowd. Get vaccinated when ever it is that it’s available to you. (“ALL approved vaccines PREVENT SEVERE disease in almost all patients, near 100% at PREVENTing DEATH.”) (If you think this is just a plandemic, feel free to rant on your own page please.)

“We need to help each other as the virus makes its last stand. How many of us SURVIVE to see the END OF THE PANDEMIC truly depends on our ability to PROTECT ONE ANOTHER.” ~Dr. Edsel Salvana


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