Welcome me back, foodie friends … =b

2021-09-01 Baguio Reggie's Takeaway
Reggie’s Takeaway: Cassava cake, mechado, chicken asado, and laing. (“,)

… because I did another disappearing act (from http://www.FindgoodBaguiofoods.com at least *hee) at the end of October 2021.

Here I am again, marveling at how time flew by and it’s actually a new year. Are you marveling along with me? *wink I hope 2022 started off well for you all and that it’s still going well while we’re speeding through to the end of January now. Happy New Year! And just in case I don’t see you, Happy Chinese New Year, too. =)

Greetings out of the way, I’m here to catch you up with another quarantine surprises feature on me opening presents early. 1.) It’s tradition at our house that I have license to open some gifts before the 25th because it’s my birthmonth and 2.) These are perishable … and even

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No, I don’t mean I escaped from quarantine, silly. *hihi

Baguio The Flower Cafe PH 2022
The setting: Flower Cafe ^^,

Never was in

quarantine/isolation … Well, other than self imposed. *tahaha (I do enjoy my own company and my personal daily ♪ ♫ ‘to the window, to the wall’ ♫ house tours. )

Whoa, the first foodievent I’ve been to since pandemic started; the last one seems so long ago. I am grateful it’s just a few minutes away from home base, I don’t have to travel far for food = The Flower Cafe PH‘s new location, across from SLU Main’s Gate 2. =D

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy Batch 3 final presentation menu 2022

So, you suprised to see me? And well before Chinese New Year even. Best wishes to all of us for the Year of the Tiger.

This will just be a quick one though for I’m letting the photos do the talking and drool inducing on you. =)) Done reading the

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Look who we’ve got here, says WordPress to me.

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 green tea, makimono, gunkan, nigiri, temaki, small orders, desserts
Complimentary matcha tea, squid taberu layu, steamed egg custard, salmon cucumber roll, chuka wakamen gunkan, fried salmon skin, seared Hokkaido scallop with pollack roe nigiri, fried maki salmon, salmon roe gunkan, inari sampler, California temaki, grilled river eel, and green tea ice cream and cheesecake ice cream. *nomnomnom

(And probably to you, dear reader. *hihi)

Dining at Baguio Genki Sushi 2022

My, did the days from January (My last posts.) go by. I hope 2022 is treating you well as we move into the second quarter of it now. ^^, Still keep safe and COVID free in the new normal please.

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 Steamed egg custard and shoga picked ginger palate cleanser
Steamed egg custard, so smooth, it’s like silken tofu, beside my palate cleanser/shoga

I can’t say I haven’t been waiting for this, for Genki since I heard about their direct-to-table ‘Shinkansen Train’ inspired delivery system from Ms. Jess (Thankies for the inside scoop, Ms. Jess)

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In a word, I was eatcited. (Excited to eat.) ^^,

Baguio Mangiamo Ristorante & Pizzeria at Giraffe Boutique Hotel 2022 with Chef Giovanni di Torino
With Chef Giovanni. =)


Vaccinated and boosted (Thank yous again go to the PH government, Baguio LGU; yes, frontliners/last lines of defense and volunteers, too. Lab-lab to you all.), the city moving into better normal, a powwow was finally set for P3+1. After two years of just keyboard catch ups and virtual hugs, man! AT LAST. \m/

Baguio Mangiamo Ristorante & Pizzeria at Giraffe Boutique Hotel menu 2022
Mangiamo Ristorante and Pizzeria menu. Click for full view.

The usual meeting with two of my favorite people involves gorging on foodstuff to power us on for the chitter-chatter with a few serious hushed discussions sprinkled around. *wink Luckily, I just heard about Mangiamo at the old C Boutique Hotel from Sir Albert of Ozark Diner. And so, a “let’s eat” meeting was set up the next day (Because eatcited much *hihi) at the in-house resto of what is now

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Today marks www.findgoodBaguiofoods.com‘s 10th year. ^^,

(That’s including the two years of COVID pandemic which I said I wouldn’t count since “I didn’t use” these years, all that while focusing mainly on posts of lockdown/house arrest eats and eatsploring via delivery on this blog’s Facebook page. =] )

10 years … With almost 500 blogposts, possibly thousands of photos in my archive of a myriad of dishes that my foodie lovies and I enjoyed at different restos, some that have come and already gone; I think the time has come to give this online diary hobby of mine a rest and go back to eating “in private” (I’ll still be talking photos of food to remember them by because you know. *hee Memory gap. =b) and food tripping “in peace” [Considering all the work that goes into composing a feature post. Gosh, the photo editors that have expired on

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