This Gigi Hadid Pasta is the pasta that Gigi Hadid shared in the early 2020, at the height of lockdown. This pasta became viral for a reason. It is creamy and yummy.

Gigi Hadid pasta, Mom Food Blog

I am used to eating pasta that has meat to it as my husband is a carnivore. When I tasted this Gigi Hadid pasta, it is so delicious that I cannot tell that it is vegetarian. There is no meat at all in it.

Gigi Hadid Pasta Recipe Ingredients


Choose a pasta that can hold a sauce well like penne, rigatoni, shell, bow pasta. These pasta binds well with the sauce of this recipe making it delicious in every bite.

Gigi Hadid Pasta Sauce

  • 1/2 cup olive oil – use a good virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh garlic – for that garlicky flavor
  • 1 medium chopped onion – red onion or white onion will do
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Mexican FoodVol. From tacos and tortillas to spicy soups and stews, the food in Mexico is assured to please crowds while you’re entertaining. From conventional Mexican dishes similar to burritos and empanadas, to modern, tempting dishes, namely our spicy nachos especial, we’re serving the best of Mexican delicacies to the Denver space. Cease by any time, day or night. Allow us to arouse your style buds.

Put the bottom meat into the shell first, then cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Use avocado, salsa, or sour cream as most popular. You may bump up the diet even further by swapping white flour tortillas for corn: “Go with corn tortillas, which are a complete grain, providing fiber and other vitamins for good health. Fill them with fish or shrimp for a high-high quality protein that provides coronary heart-healthy omega-three fats ,” says Bannan.

Typically underrated or missed relating to dining out Mexican-fashion, ceviche is …

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Make this delicious and famous Korean corn dogs right at the comfort of your home. It is stretchy, delicious and is sure to delight your loved ones. This Korean mozarella corn dogs is good or even better than a takeaway. Homemade is the best.

Korean corn dogs in a white plate, Mom Food Blog
Korean corn dogs

What is Korean Corn Dog

Korean corn dog or Korean hot dog is a popular street food in Korea that became famous in its neighboring Asian countries and all over the world. It is made of hotdogs and slices of cheese put into skewers dipped in a flour and milk batter.

It is then dredged in breadcrumbs then deep fried resulting to a cheesy, crunchy and filling appetizer or snack. You can top it with ketchup, hot sauce or mustard.

Others call it Korean fried cheese because the cheese and hot dogs are being deep fried in this style of cooking.

Korean Corn

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This refreshing Filipino cantaloupe juice is so good. Enjoy the sweet cold juice with its shredded flesh to beat that scorching summer heat. You only need ripe cantaloupe, cold water and sugar to make this rejuvenating juice to enjoy.

Filipino Cantaloupe Juice in a glass, Mom Food Blog

Cantaloupe is abundant in the Philippines especially during summertime when harvest are at its peak in the months of June-August.

You can often see ambulant vendors in Philippine streets selling this delicious juice. They are always a hit just like the popular buko juice or young coconut juice that are also popular and common in the tropical Philippines.

What is Cantaloupe Juice

Cantaloupe juice or melon juice is made from shredding the flesh of cantaloupe fruit using a special kind of tool- a Filipino grater or shredder. If you don’t have the tool, you can simply use fork to produce long strips of cantaloupe flesh. It is then mixed with cold

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Chicken sinigang locally known as sinigang na manok is a type of soup recipe that is famous in the Philippines. Garlic, onions and tomatoes are sautéed together with the chicken. It is then poured with water and mixed with vegetables like taro, okra, eggplant, and kangkong.

It has a distinct savory and sour soup that is so hearty and delicious. Sinigang is often mixed with tamarind sinigang mix that makes the soup sour. It comes in powder form that is readily available and can be bought in supermarkets and Asian stores.

However, other natural ingredients can be a substitute and can be used as a souring agent if it is locally available like kamias, green mango and guava, to name a few.

Chicken Sinigang

Chicken Sinigang Ingredients

Here are the food items you will need to make this delectable chicken sinigang.

chicken. You can use whatever part of the

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