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Look who we’ve got here, says WordPress to me.

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 green tea, makimono, gunkan, nigiri, temaki, small orders, desserts
Complimentary matcha tea, squid taberu layu, steamed egg custard, salmon cucumber roll, chuka wakamen gunkan, fried salmon skin, seared Hokkaido scallop with pollack roe nigiri, fried maki salmon, salmon roe gunkan, inari sampler, California temaki, grilled river eel, and green tea ice cream and cheesecake ice cream. *nomnomnom

(And probably to you, dear reader. *hihi)

Dining at Baguio Genki Sushi 2022

My, did the days from January (My last posts.) go by. I hope 2022 is treating you well as we move into the second quarter of it now. ^^, Still keep safe and COVID free in the new normal please.

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 Steamed egg custard and shoga picked ginger palate cleanser
Steamed egg custard, so smooth, it’s like silken tofu, beside my palate cleanser/shoga

I can’t say I haven’t been waiting for this, for Genki since I heard about their direct-to-table ‘Shinkansen Train’ inspired delivery system from Ms. Jess (Thankies for the inside scoop, Ms. Jess) in one of our foodievents with MSM (Launches of restos like Mesa and the return of Kenny Rogers. Whoa, those seem like a lifetime ago.) What I had in my mind was the conveyor belt like thingamajig and you just choose what you like to eat off of that.

Then our foodie friend, my FB chat pal since the pandemic started, eager beaver Mr. Dan sent me a heads up of their opening.

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 Salmon roe gunkan
Salmon roe gunkan \m/

We were off as soon as we had an opening (From taumbahay moves. *tahaha)

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 Inari/tofu skin sampler
Inari/tofu skin sampler =D

Once we were seated, we were orientated on how to order … QR codes and such. Not to worry if you’re like me who’s still using a dumbphone as they provide a tablet just for us and it’s seamless addutucatu-ing from here on out at this Japanese resto. From the photos of the dishes complete with prices, just click on what you want, confirm your order, and just wait for the train. (Cue the old song by Flash and the Pan.)

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 Seared grilled river eel nigiri
Seared grilled river eel nigiri, this is your stop, please exit on the right. *hihi

We mixed ourselves some green tea (Matcha powder is provided and all tables have a tap providing hot drinking water.) and watched as other “tray-ns” went by with orders for other tables while we waited for our first batch of Genki sushis. Yep, the train doesn’t stop at your table if their precious cargo isn’t yours. Takaw tingin mode, going ‘Oh, I want that one too’ as the wagons zoom (Not bullet train speed =)) ) by.

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 hot matcha tea every time
Hot matcha tea everytime.

Come to think of it, this Kousoku express delivery system is a great selling tactic. I found myself wanting to order this and that, just to see the train come to us again. =)

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 Seared Japanese scallop with pollock roe nigiri
Seared Japanese scallop with pollock roe nigiri (“,)

We picked and chose gunkans, makimonos, nigiris, the lesser known ones and found gems in the likes of seared premium Japanese scallop with pollock roe nigiri (<3 ❤ <3), seared grilled river eel nigiri (Caught my brother’s tastebuds). Race took a liking to the more substantial roll, the fried salmon cheese roll, all bulky and dense with its tempura outer layer.

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 fried salmon cheese roll
Fried salmon cheese roll =]

Not every train delivery is packed full of “passengers”/four dishes. There were a few times in our batches of orders where just one or two arrived before the others … which I loved even more because it meant we’ll see the train stop at our table station again. =D (*public service announcement chime. This stop is the X table. X table. The doors are on your right.)

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022 cheesecake ice cream and green tea ice cream
We scream for ice cream … At Genki Sushi, it’s cheesecake ice cream and of course, a green tea flavored one. ^^,

As deliciously enjoyable as the selections were, we were mindful how easy it was to rake up a bill. I found myself checking the total on the tablet from time to time … Just to make sure we don’t go over and end up washing dishes to fully pay for this meal. *harhar

A truly memorable dining experience is what we had. X marks Genki Sushi for good food in Baguio. All aboard! (“,)

Food: 4 treasure chests
Service: 4 treasure chests
Ambiance: 4 treasure chests A wide and simple dining area. The star is in the section dividers, working its caboose off. =]
Price: 2 treasure chests We pay for Genki’s electric bill and then some. *heehaha

Baguio Genki Sushi 2022

Genki Sushi

Upper Ground, Sunset Terraces, SM

Baguio City, Philippines

0917 115 0150

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