Kor-Phil Culinary Academy: A Quarantine ‘Break’

No, I don’t mean I escaped from quarantine, silly. *hihi

Baguio The Flower Cafe PH 2022
The setting: Flower Cafe ^^,

Never was in

quarantine/isolation … Well, other than self imposed. *tahaha (I do enjoy my own company and my personal daily ♪ ♫ ‘to the window, to the wall’ ♫ house tours. )

Whoa, the first foodievent I’ve been to since pandemic started; the last one seems so long ago. I am grateful it’s just a few minutes away from home base, I don’t have to travel far for food = The Flower Cafe PH‘s new location, across from SLU Main’s Gate 2. =D

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy Batch 3 final presentation menu 2022

So, you suprised to see me? And well before Chinese New Year even. Best wishes to all of us for the Year of the Tiger.

This will just be a quick one though for I’m letting the photos do the talking and drool inducing on you. =)) Done reading the menu above? All right, here we go.

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy drinks and clean soup bowl 2022
Clean soup bowl, that’s how I roll. =b In the background, refreshing drinks with squishy juicy chunks, I mean chunks of aloe vera. =b

Cream of brocolli soup, one can’t really go wrong with cream of whatever veg soups. Easy to eat, one flavor-packed spoonful after the other and healthy, too. That lavender herb butter baguette toast is a great accompaniment to the soup. When it gets soaked by the soup = Zing! And that little hint of sweetness from the lavender bits, I take it Ate May and her flower expertise was a sure advantage for Batch 3. ^^, They got to play around with flower power.

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy shrimp potato croquettes 2022
Shrimp potato croquettes, a closer look. =D

Interesting that I’m a hardcore potato head but this appetizer didn’t really take the pedestal for my tastebuds. Still glad for potatoes and you know it, it went into my gob regardless of the basicness. Yes, flower and all, into my gob. *hee

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy chicken herb in garden salad with mango vinaigrette dressing 2022
Chicken herb in garden salad with mango vinaigrette dressing. (“,)

After appreciating every facet of this edible terrarium, nothing was left … I even tried to look for something to scarpetta/wipe that diamond platito clean of the dressing. =))

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy 2022
Sous vide sirloin steak with asparagus and mashed potatoes. =]

There’s a lot going on in this plate. See the baby carrots taking a peek at us from underneath the meat slice? Loving the meat’s bed of alfalfa sprouts, and the asparagus spears that had such a fresh crunchy quality to them.

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy me and my mains plate 2022
Blooming with the wall and my mains plate, wouldn’t you say? *teehee

A different steak plate for they used a … I think that’s a beets coulis. It brought an umami factor to the sirloin pieces we sliced. =)

Baguio Kor-Phil Culinary Academy petit fours 2022
Petit fours. *nomnomnom

The most notable thing to me for the petit fours is the ever so delicate choco leaf garnish on two of the cakes. Shimmering silver specks on the baked blueberry cheesecake one, and bronze-y/golds on the choco moist. I also just recently realized, I like orange in cakes so that strawberry sponge cake with fresh fruits was a pretty memorable bite. With the chocolate chip cookie, there goes flower/foliage powers again where it was mint choco-like, just with that tiny mint leaf. Nyum!

Thank you so much, Ate May for inviting Race and me to try your batch’s degustation spread. Congratulations; another feather in your cap. \m/

Visit Kor-Phil Culinary Academy’s Facebook page, fellow foodie, for updates on enrollment and classes. Who knows, it’d be you inviting your binging posse over to your very own final presentation event to showcase your new and improved kitchen stylings. =b

Be safe, and keep safe, everybody! (“,)

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