Christmas CookiesFor many of us Christmas is a time of year for sharing time with our loved ones. In a big mixing bowl, cream the butter and the sugar. Add in the egg yolk, peppermint extract and vanilla extract; combine well. Being involved in Christmas preparations all the time evokes heat abiding recollections heat and closeness. Baking Christmas treats such as cookie and sweet is a wonderful ritual that can be shared with your children and brings a lot pleasure and is a wonderful tradition to share if you happen to plan it correctly prematurely.

Hard-sauce: To 1 cup confectioners sugar add two tablespoons of brandy or whiskey. Stir until blended and the sauce is stiff. You could have to add extra sugar on a moist day, or rather less. Unfold onto cooled cookies. It’s also possible to garnish with candied ginger for just a little one thing extra. In another … Read more

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