LasagnaA brand new 12 months and a brand new class for the blog: Recipes! Don’t pierce the casing on the hyperlink sausage. This could trigger the juices to escape and the meat to dry out. Do not cook sausage on more than medium-high heat. Greater warmth can crack the casing and dry the sausage out, and the skin will prepare dinner sooner than the within. Use plain water or broth instead of the wine, or add it to the wine.

The bottom of the lasagne consists of a broccoli puree with mushrooms, carrots, cream, celeriac (left it out) and langoustine oil. The broccoli puree requires a PacoJet You can puree stuff with the equipment by freezing it in PacoJet beakers and run it through the machine. It shaves frozen meals by working super sharp knives by means of the beaker, while additionally pushing air via it. The issue of meals … Read more

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