Chicken RecipesRooster meat is appreciated at any meal anywhere on the planet. However use 350 oven for an hour plus 15 to 30 minutes relying on the dimensions of the hen. Make sure it is properly browned Or use Reynold’s Oven Luggage per directions that accompany the baggage. When the hen meat and potatoes are tender add the soy sauce, salt and add malt vinegar(that is elective, strive it first for those who like) after which lower the setting of your cooker. Leave it to cook dinner more. After 10 minutes, your adobo is ready to eat. Style it if it needs more soy sauce or vinegar then you can add some more.

Cybersupe, How very sweet of you to wish my pet well. He has regained his appetite and continues to thrive. And I keep cooking more rooster and rice. He’s so spoiled now. Thanks a lot for stopping by … Read more

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