Christmas CookiesSoft, spicy, and generously sized, these decadent vegan Christmas cookies are the right holiday treat or an excellent finale to your vegan vacation feast. These cookies in a jar are additionally great additions to a goodies basket. You might want to contemplate creating a number of different variations and make a cookie basket to present as a present. Tuck into a large mixing bowl with some wood spoons, a pot holder and stack on a cookie sheet. Wrap with a pretty ribbon and any cook dinner could be thrilled. You may even wish to tuck in some home-bakes samples.

This shortbread recipe requires goat butter completely, however you can really swap goat butter one-for-one in any butter cookie recipe, because the two products have related fats content material You’ll discover when you open a package of goat butter that it’s shiny white—the colour of shortening. Do not be alarmed, the … Read more

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