Tips for Making Premium Quality Bread and Anti-Fail


For a baker, making bread is fun. Especially if you make premium bread whose results are perfectly in line with expectations. It is said to be premium because it is processed using quality ingredients to produce delicious and high-quality bread. However, there are challenges in making premium bread. Just a little mistake can make bread fail which results are less than perfect, such as lumpy or less soft texture.

There are several tips that must be considered when making premium quality bread that is anti-fail that Smart Bakers can practice.

Pay attention to the selection of bread ingredients

If you want to produce premium quality bread, Smart Bakers must carefully choose the basic ingredients.

First, pay attention to the quality of the flour. Use high-protein flour because this type of flour will produce a lot of gluten, resulting in softer and softer bread.

Second, don’t forget to add yeast to the dough because it makes the bread rise perfectly.

Third, the use of egg whites and yolks. The use of eggs will determine the texture of the bread made. To make the texture of the bread more dense and chewy, use only the whites of the eggs. Meanwhile, for a crunchy and soft bread texture, add more egg yolks to the dough.

Kneading the dough

Knead the dough until it is really elastic or pliable, because it is very influential to produce soft bread. The sign of bread dough that is already elastic is that it no longer sticks to your hands and doesn’t tear easily. The elastic bread dough will make the bread soft and flavorful when baked.

Pay attention to the fermentation time

Before baking, the bread dough must be fermented first so that the dough rises perfectly. But be sure to pay attention to the fermentation time. If it’s too long, the bread will taste sour, and if it’s too short, the bread won’t rise completely. In addition, less or inelastic fermentation makes yeast inactive which results in bread tends to be wrinkled.


Baking is one of the most important steps in making bread. However, avoid baking bread for too long because it can make the texture too dry. It’s a good idea to follow the directions listed in the recipe to keep the resulting bread soft.

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