Cooking In The Country Is Becoming More And More Famous In America, With Rendang Being A Favorite.

The Indonesian government continues to promote Indonesian culinary micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to the people of the United States in San Francisco.

Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Consulate General of San Francisco in association with NextSF and Alaska Airlines organized a webinar with the theme One World – Many Tastes: A Taste of Indonesia, which was attended by over 400 people last Wednesday. 7/20)..

On the occasion, five Indonesian diaspora working as licensed culinary artists in the state of California participated to share experiences of opening a business in the US, as well as the importance of bonding between culture and Indonesian culinary types. shop.

They are owned by Ming Tjong – owner of Lime Tree restaurant, Perry Huang – owner of Nusa SF, Siska Silitonga – owner of Chili Cali, Heni Minderman and Vionika S. Zhang – owner of Dappor Negebul, and Kristnawati Lim and Yohannes Ng – owner of D. Grobak Bay Area.

Vas Kiniris, CEO of NextSF, said, “We are proud to be able to introduce Indonesian food and culture to people in the US. We see Indonesian cuisine becoming very popular, and Beef Rendang is one of the favorite dishes of Americans ” this event.

According to him, Indonesia’s culinary wealth and cultural diversity are considered special to the city of San Francisco.

“Successful with previous culinary promotions from other countries, this program specifically aims to help promote the understanding of the local community and the various delights and specialties of Indonesian food to enhance the potential of the food business in San Francisco. is dedicated.”

Indonesian Consul General in San Francisco, Prasetyo Hadi, said the Indonesian culinary MSME business in the working area of ​​the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco had survived and thrived in the midst of the pandemic, but some were not forced to. pause.

“As part of the gastrodiplomacy efforts, I am very glad that this webinar was organized. Apart from encouraging and motivating the expansion of Indonesian MSME business in the food and beverage sector in San Francisco, it is also supporting Indonesia Spice Up The world program,” Prasetio explained.

His party also emphasized that the culinary promotion strategy by collaborating with MSMEs along with local business players is considered appropriate as they are supposed to learn more about market segmentation and tastes that are common preferences of local residents. including how and from where cooking ingredients can be obtained. ,

“So that the Indonesian cuisine sold can find a place in the hearts and tongues of the local people, keeping the taste authentic with good presentation quality,” Prasetio said.

Indonesian culinary artists present as speakers said that many of their processed foods were ordered by the American community, even as some consumers came from the US local government and other companies in and around San Francisco.

“We continue to strive to grow the meatball business. We accept orders from other cities and states. Our customers are diverse, including locals. We would also like to thank the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco who continues to actively support the culinary business. Indonesian people and the diaspora,” said Kristenwati Lim, the business owner of DeGrobak Bay Area, whose mainstay is the menu, namely grilled rib meatballs.

Indonesia has a huge culinary potential in the US West Coast region. Based on internal data from the Consulate General in San Francisco, there are approximately 19 Indonesian culinary businesses that already have a business license and another 46 are home-based culinary businesses run by the culinary business community and Indonesian diaspora.

Although some Indonesian culinary artists do not yet have a permanent business license from a local authority, they do have a certification for serving food in the US known as Food Saving Handling Certified.

At the end of the webinar, the moderator also announced about an Indonesian restaurant and cafe called Sandai US, which will soon be opened in Walnut Creek, California by a chef of mixed Indonesian-Singaporean blood named Nora Haroen.

In addition to serving Indonesian food, Sandai US will also serve a variety of coffees from different islands in Indonesia.

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