Quarantine Surprises from The Year that Was

Welcome me back, foodie friends … =b

2021-09-01 Baguio Reggie's Takeaway
Reggie’s Takeaway: Cassava cake, mechado, chicken asado, and laing. (“,)

… because I did another disappearing act (from http://www.FindgoodBaguiofoods.com at least *hee) at the end of October 2021.

Here I am again, marveling at how time flew by and it’s actually a new year. Are you marveling along with me? *wink I hope 2022 started off well for you all and that it’s still going well while we’re speeding through to the end of January now. Happy New Year! And just in case I don’t see you, Happy Chinese New Year, too. =)

Greetings out of the way, I’m here to catch you up with another quarantine surprises feature on me opening presents early. 1.) It’s tradition at our house that I have license to open some gifts before the 25th because it’s my birthmonth and 2.) These are perishable … and even if they keep long, I wouldn’t be able to help myself what with all that fabulous mouthwatering aroma that took over the air of the house when Race brought them in. *droooool

1.) Balbacua, Bellychon & Breakfast

2021-12-15 Baguio Balbacua Bellychon & Breakfast Urban Kamote bellychon with pandan rice
Balbacua, Bellychon & Breakfast bellychon in all its glory and accompaniments. *hihi

Balbacua, Bellychon and Breakfast‘s slow roasted over open charcoal fire pork chunk came in an awe inspiring carrier box. Gift material, for any occassion most definitely. The fragrant pandan green rice was just the right pair to this ultra crispy crunchy skin, tasty delish layers of fat and lean (Yes, the fat was flavorful as well. \m/) Rice was gone in I wouldn’t say 60 seconds since we did relish in the roasted belly, but fast enough.

Order up to turn a regular mealtime into something special. *nomnomnom

2021-12-15 Baguio Balbacua Bellychon & Breakfast Urban Kamote bellychon
Chopped up, close and personal. =b

2.) Romel Marketing for Beyond Harvest

2021-11-20 Baguio Romel Marketing Beyond Harvest
Cooked butter aged steak. Juicy juicy no matter what the doneness. ^^,

Steaks, we’re told, are better aged … I pictured it like getting rid of the rigor mortis in the meat first before sale. *harhar And in Baguio, Romel Marketing brings us Beyond Harvest’s meat slabs that are not only aged, but aged encrusted in butter. =D

These steaks keep well enough that we got to cook them one by one on different days and got to try out various lengths of time to sear it (Two minutes down). No muss, no fuss cooking; just sprinkle some pepper over it (Garlic, rosemary too, if you want), put in the heated pan, flip till preferred doneness is achieved, and they’re good to eat. = Juicy, tasty, tender butter aged steaks. Every. Time. (I repeat, no matter what the doneness. Yes!)

2021-11-20 Baguio Romel Marketing Beyond Harvest
Check out the thermal bag/lunchbag for the steaks. Nice. \m/

3.) Tita Lea’s Food Specialties

Tita Lea never forgets … and since she found out about my birthday, her specialties have become a regular fixture in the holiday spread. ❤ ❤ ❤ Always a welcome sight, the pancit Malabon, kutsinta, pichi … And if you notice FGBFs feature for this shop, it’s update upon update. It’s because there’s consistently something new to get our chompers around.

If by this time you still haven’t picked out your favorite rice cake offering from Tita Lea’s Food Specialties, get a load of this Kakanin Delight bilao which is composed of a fourth of Puto Espesyal, Caramel Black Kutsinta, Sapin-sapin, and Pichi-pichi. If you happen to love them all, well, good on you, this is the bilao for you. Yeh!

Baguio Tita Lea's Food Specialties 2021 Kakanin delight - Puto espesyal, caramel black kutsinta, sapin-sapin, pichi-pichi
Kakanin Delight, four in one bilao. Wee!

*.) Reggie’s Takeaway

*We didn’t really get to try these at Season’s Eatings time but way before at a little foodievent at Foggy Mountain Cookhouse, but it fits the bill as a Quarantine Surprise I’d say.

Since school’s been out (That’s an understatement. Geez.) because of COVID, Reg’s Binalot moved online. I have it on good authority that there are bigger plans but I don’t want to jinx it so I’ll zip it. *teehee Keeping my fingers crossed for them though for why, why would we ever want to live without Sir Reggie’s foodstuff once we’ve tasted them. That’s me, Reggie’s Takeaway food addict. =)) Behold laing, chicken asado, mechado, cassava, and (Not on the photo because it was chilling in the freezer that time I took the photo) “Frozen”.

2021-09-01 Baguio Reggie's Takeaway
Honest to goodness mechado with mitsa = Pork back fat wick. =)

Sauce-palang-ulam-na types of viands is what Sir Reg has for us. Better cook heaps and heaps of rice (Plain rice is the way to go) to eat these with, otherwise, you’ll be thinking the flavors are too intense when the fix is easy peasy … just more rice sooooo bawal diet. *tahahaha

I admit, the Reg Binalot cassava and I have never been introduced. I know why now. It’s because it’s always sold out, as in ordered before it even comes out of the oven. The newest addition to the dessert repertoire is an ice cream and brazo de mercedes combo. Just when I thought brazo couldn’t get any more delectable (Brazo fan, obviously.), partnered with ice cream, it’s possitively sinful. I agree with Chef Babes here that a tub of it can easily be devored by one in one sitting. Again, bawal diet. ^^,

2021-09-03 Baguio Reg's Binalot - Reggie's Takeaway
“Frozen” – Brazo de Mercedez on top of ice cream. And Reg’s Binalot’s famous cassava cake. ❤

 Much obliged, Balbacua, Bellychon & Breakfast; Reggie’s Takeaway, Romel Marketing and Tita Lea’s Food Specialties for sending me these dishes to enjoy … and boy, did we enjoy them! All the best for 2022 and every year! (“,)

As a parting word, I choose to go with the reminder for us to keep ourselves and our foodie lovies safe by following all the health protocols that’s hopefully been drummed into us since it’s two years now. Also, here’s a link to Dr. Edsel Salvana’s latest article on how we’re going to live with COVID-19.

I’d like to highlight these parts:

“The paradigm shift means eventually viewing COVID-19 as an endemic disease, much like the flu or cold viruses. The most important requirement to do this safely is vaccination. Living at ease in the new normal requires vaccination.”

Wearing a mask and following public health standards should still be done when community transmission is high, regardless of vaccination status. This is essential to HELP the HEALTHCARE WORKERS COPE with an increase in sick patients, as well as to PREVENT the HEALTHCARE WORKERS FROM GETTING SICK.

The choice is clear. Vaccination saves lives, and it gets life back to normal.”

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